Stone Cold (Manga Review)

Karin Mochizuki is an attractive young lawyer. She is really good at her job, but because she doesn't show any emotion outside of the office. For these reason her colleagues have nicknamed her Stone Cold.

Story - The manga is divided into four separate stories. Each story Karin Mochizuki investigates a case for her client. In the first story, Karin investigates a robbery. Her client is accused of the robbery and it's up to her to take the case. In story two "Hot Summer Night" a husband asked Karin to investigate the reasons his wife wants a divorce. This is my favorite story because of the shocking twist towards the end. The third story "The Friday Child." Karin investigates a kidnapping. I love the twist around this one as well. The final story "Leopard's eye." Karin takes on her biggest case as she defends a musician accused of murder.

The characters and story are interesting enough. My favorite character is Detective Sakurazawa. He's very interesting because he has a crush on Karin, no matter how much he tries Karin shows no emotion. My complaint is with the main character Karin. In the first story we find out why she is shut off from her emotions. However it's not deeply explored through the rest of the manga. Also she really isn't Stone Cold when her actions shows that she cares for her clients, the people around her and herself. However the twist and turns in the cases will keep you reading. It's a well written story I feel it has some characterization flaws.

Final Grade C+ The illustration is wonderful, we have very interesting characters. However they weren't explored deep enough for you to care for them. This is a fun read however and it's worth checking out.