Rockman Online Teaser

An animated teaser trailer was just released for the upcoming Rockman Online. I'm getting all sorts of vibes from this. I'm seeing the original robot masters, Protoman, Bass, and what appears to be some reploids and other characters from the X series thrown in there. I'm guessing that the story will be about what made Dr. Light create Megaman X in the first place. I'm also kind of digging the slightly mature look Megaman has.

Rockman Online is stated to be a side-scrolling MMOG based in the Megaman universe, and I'm really hoping that this will come to the west. There's no word for a release date as of yet, however.

Also, I'm totally going to be "that guy" and say that if there ever were an animated series in a style similar to this trailer that it would totally be the greatest thing ever made.

I am so excite for this.