Scott Pilgrim Vs The World (The Videogame) Review

How deep is your love Scott Pilgrim? Are you willing to sacrifice mind, body and precious gaming time to win her heart? Is this PSN and XBOX live game based on the Graphic Novel, and Movie worth the ten bucks?

Story -
The game follows closely to the graphic novel and the movie. Scott Pilgrim falls in love with a girl named Ramona. However making her the one isn't all that easy. In order for Scott to win Ramona's heart, he has defeat her seven evil exes.

Gameplay - The gameplay is in the classic beat em up genre. Players are able to choose from four playable characters and a secret character. They are able to play with Scott Pilgrim, Kim, Ramona & Stills. Players are also able to call on the wacky, but sweet Knives Chau for help. The game consists of seven levels, with two or three areas for each level. As you progress during the game you will level up. You will achieve new combos moves, a higher health count and higher special attack count. Each level gives you more moves which is severely needed to survive. In addition to battle upgrades, players will collect money from their fallen enemies. Using the money you can purchase food, clothes and upgrades needed. The A.I. is challenging no matter what difficulty setting. There will be times, the A.I. will try to get behind you for a sneak attack. The boss fights really capture the movie and novel. Each boss have their own special attacks, weakness and super attacks. I suggest you study their pattern and know when to block and when to attack. This is a beat em up many wish Ubisoft did for the recent Ninja Turtles game. Finally there is offline multiplayer where you play with three of your other friends. However there is no online multiplayer. Have fun with the zombie mode :).

Gameplay Video

Graphics - This game really pays homage to the old school days of gaming. The graphics and spirites are beautiful. The developers really took they time to detail. The lighting in the club fight is great. Framerate works well with no lag issues. However the most important thing about the graphics is that it sticks to the comics. Everyone looks exactly or close enough to the graphic novel counterparts.

Sound - This game has some of the most addicting 8-bit music I heard in a while. Each level feels epic like your playing in the golden age of beat em ups. Most the 8-bit music is of the rock genre and I feel that it really sets the tone well. I feel that the music really compliments the character, the scene and setting.

Replay Value - If you want to unlock the secret character, you will have to beat the game with all four characters. However that is not a gimmick to keep you playing. This game is tons of fun and you would want to get all trophies/achievements. There is zombie mode and easter eggs to discover. This game should keep you occupied for a while. All I can say is good luck getting the not getting hit trophy/achievement.

Final Grade A+ - If you are an old school gamer like me. You can appericate this love letter to the beat em up genre. The game is fun, challenging and has addictive music. There are so many references the old days of gaming and tons of things to unlock. The graphics and spirites are beautiful. Most importantly this is an adaption game that does not suck. It does both the graphic novels and movies now. This is a must own game and for ten dollars can you go wrong. Buy it!