Fatal Frame IV: Mask Of The Lunar Eclipse Review

The Fatal Frame or Project Zero series, is one of the hidden gems in the survival horror genre. The series is known for being one of the scariest horror series in videogames. The first three games was released worldwide for the Playstation 2. However the fourth installment was for the Wii Japan only. Is this game worth the import or should you not take the ghost trip?

Story - Five girls are kidnapped by a suspected serial killer named Yo Haibara. He kidnaps them from their homes on an island called Rougetsu. A detective comes and saves the girls from their would be fate. Years later has passed and two out of the five girls die. The three survivors Ruka, Misaki and Madoka return to find out what has happen. They have no memories and hope that returning to the island will give them answers.

Gameplay - Unfortunately Fatal Frame IV gameplay is nothing new under the sun. With the fourth installment we were hoping for something different. However nothing much has changed except the setting, and the addition of motion control. Players will use the Wii Mote to control their flashlight. The Wii Nunchunk is used to control your player. The problem is sometimes the motion control is clunky. It takes long to respond and this gets annoying when using the Camera Obscura. Ghost battles can be difficult due to some control issues. However the scares deliver as usual. The ghost will freak you out. There are plenty of jump scares to go around. However if you play the previous installments you will start to know what scares will come. The ghost fights are pretty easy as long as you upgrade properly. There is shops where you by healing items and films to make you survive this trip. The gameplay is exactly the same with a few tweaks. Mission mode and the ability to save your pictures is still there. The new addition doll list allows you take pictures of 79 dolls. Taking pictures of all 79 will unlock costumes and new lenses. Veterans should have no problem with the gameplay.

Gameplay Video

Graphics -
The graphics are probably one of the best on the Wii. It's also the best in the series. The dark hallways, the lighting of the candles and the ghost is the best yet. There were a few pixel issues I've seen, but it's nothing that will ruin the experience. The ghost looks more disturbing and haunting to ever. You will feel agitated as the environment works your nerves.

Sound -
The sound is what makes Fatal Frame so disturbing. The echos of the ghost through hallways. Random objects falling around your area. Also Tsukiko Amano returns with another theme for the series. If you have this game on surround sounds it is pure amazing.

Replay Value - Unless you want to find all 79 dolls and completed the ghost list. Like most horror games the scares are a one trip thing.

Final Grade B- Fatal Frame IV is the fourth installment of the series. We were hoping for a new a direction. However if it's not broke don't fix it. The scares, graphics and sound is amazing. The clunky control is a little annoying but doesn't ruin the experience. If you have all three games I say import it. If you are looking for a true survival horror series then this game might be for you.