Top 5: Hottest Girls in the Gaming Industry

5.Olivia Munn: G4- Attack of the Show

Pros: Simply beautiful
Cons: The Megan Fox of the industry(Sole reason why shes so low on the list)

4.Audrey Cleo: PSN Qore

Pros: Nice look to her. Would make a great girl for anyone.
Cons: Could see her being frustrating in bed..."I don't do that or No not in my hair" stuff like that

3.Diane Mizota: Formerly of G4- Filter

Pros: Very Cute,would look great under any guys arm. Also very smart & ambitious.
Cons: How much does she really game??

2.Morgan Webb: G4- X-play

Look at this red dress...enough said

Pros: Sex appeal! She has the "I'm a dirty girl...I've been bad come spank me then f* my brain out" look. Like sweaty sloppy dirty sex look....if your into to that.Also nice tits.
Cons: After the crazy good sex she would go do something nerdy which will mess up your flow. Like playing Warcraft or Mass Effect instead of cuddling.

1.Jessica Chobot IGN- Daily Fix

Pros: ....just look at that amazing face! Do i even need to continue?
Cons: Shes in her 30s and its starting 2 show. During the e3 coverage you could see the alternates to her pretty face. IE:no make up,angry Jess etc.