Alice in the Country of Hearts Review

Alice in Wonderland has been an epic classic since the book came out. Many people such as Walt Disney and recently Tim Burton, have put a spin or shed some light on this awesome tale. Today I bring forth to you Alice in the Country of Hearts, which is almost like Alice in Wonderland but a whole lot different.


Alice once again fell down the rabbit hole, this time by force. The white rabbit, Peter White, has forced poor Alice into participating in a game. Of course Alice refused and asked to go home. However, Peter informed her that she can't leave until the game is finished. Now Alice is being stuck in Wonderland until she can figure out how to get out. Is this a dream or Alice's reality?

Just to let everyone know, I have Alice in Wonderland fever! This story makes you want more and the characters you won't forget in a long time. There are a couple of characters that you probably never heard of and the characters you know and love, have more dark personalities than you could imagine. No spoilers here but you will be taken back on how they changed the Mad Hatter. I was speechless myself!

Story line

The story line is so dark that it makes you really think. Some questions you may ask yourself is " what is this world all about?, How it came into be, and what is this game?" The story line keeps you very interested and wanting more.

Scale of Awesomeness

I give this manga a A+. Alice and Wonderland will take on a whole new meaning with twists on characters and a storyline that made you wish to visit Wonderland one day. I recommend that you read it. You can read up to Volume 24 on *shameless plug coming* *Another shameless plug* Underneath the tag origins is my story on how I became Anime Angel check it out and check this manga out too! Anime Rules!!!!!!!!!!!!!