Japan Street Festival

Today I went to Japan Street Festival on E 14st near between 8th and 10th street, with my friends from Iheartcoolstuff. The street festival was pretty cool. I learned a lot of stuff. Here is just a little bit of what we saw.

Justin - It wouldn't be a Japan street festival without a little Cosplay fun!

Justin - It wouldn't be Japan without robots. Dr. Robot inc was there showing off some of his robot toys.

Justin - No that isn't what you think it is. Those aren't flowers, in fact they are panties that are shaped like flowers.

Justin - Instructions on how to pray at a Shinto Shrine.

Justin - Lady holding the shrine bell.

Justin - Getting my name written in Japanese.

Justin - Street Art in New York City

Justin - Yum, Yums

Justin - Japanese Soda!