Grotesque Review

Grotesque is one of the most sickest, sadistic and grotesque horror films I have ever seen. If you thought "Hostel" was extreme you haven't seen nothing yet. Before I begin this review. I want to stress that this film is very graphic and not for the weak at heart. I also want to state that I'm not a fan of torture horror. Let's get to the review.

Story - After having their first date, a couple is kidnapped by a mad doctor. The doctor makes a deal with them. The deal is show him their will to survive and he will let them go. The doctor is a man who only gets sexual stimulation from torture. The couple is going have to get him very stimulated so he can release them. That's main plot of the story. The things that happen in this film will leave you speechless. I won't spoil much. I will just say scissors and a the girl's nipples, snip, snip. Mindless the brutality of this movie it actually has a theme to it. The theme actually makes you wonder about the strength of a human being and the strength of love, for that it brought a little heart and you cheer for the main characters.

Acting - The movie stars Tsugumi Nagasawa as Aki, Hiroaki Kawatsure as Kazuo and Shigeo Ôsako as The Doctor. The acting is believable for the runtime of an 1hr and 13 mins. Shigeo Osako steals the movie as The Doctor. It's the look on his eyes that makes me love his performance. The look on his eyes is pure evil, he looks like he has no soul and that makes a great video.

Direction - There is no CGI in the movie thank God. The effects are done very well. The setting is similiar to many torture films. The dark gritty place where no one can here you scream.

Final Grade C+ - The ending is piss poor and very unrealistic. Mindless tortue and only a few characterization. However this is still something you have to see. It's a shock value movie.