Pokemon SoulSilver Review

The well awaited SoulSilver Pokemon game
had hit stands on March 14 and is better than ever before.

Story- Just as in every Pokemon game known to man, you as a
new pokemon trainer are off on your first journey. Although your
journey is much different then in the past. First, you have new
pokemon to start off with; Chikorita, Cyndaquil, and Totodile. These
are different than the the other pokemon you could choose from.
Apparently Team Rocket are up to their tricks again (after 2 or 3 years) and you meet
a new rival who seems to be part of Team Rocket. If you played all the other pokemon games then this may seem easy for you. If your a
beginner, then you well have a lot of fun.

Gameplay- The gameplay is very easy to follow. It's the same gameplay since Pokemon Blue Version.
However some of the features are cool and much better to control. Any pokemon you have as the leader
your party can walk with you just like in Pokemon Gold when you had Pikachu.
The menu is now at the bottom of the screen so you don't have to press another button. You can touch it with your stylus. New features
for the menu and your bag is a new feature too. Depending if your playing as a boy or a girl the bag
will be a backpack or a handbag. When you press the bag by using X or using the stylus, instead of
having just the bag show up, your character will show up as a 3D model on the top of the screen.
The menu has the pokenav like in Pokemon Emerald but this time has radio and much more
no spoilers). Like I said if you played the previous game, its all the same.

Graphics- As you begin the graphics are the same except for the bag feature and the buildings.
The buildings are in 3D like in Pearl, Diamond, and Platinum but different locations.

Sounds- There is a different remix per say of the battle theme and have different music for each town you
visit and when your on your bike.

Replay- Like any other pokemon game you can play this over again and again with new pokemon
start with.

Rating- I give this game a B+. I love the pokemon games but some things are repetive. Although the graphics
and other features are awesome to play with. Anime Rule!!!!!!!!!!!!