Reflection In The Mirror (Justin)

Anime Angel and I were talking and we figure we reveal our personality or events based on Anime characters. Since we have both have watched many Anime over the years, there is a wide range of characters that reflect us. I'm going to choose my characters based on events, stages and personality.

Shinji Ikari (The Shell Stage) - In Childhood , Junior High School and parts of High School I was Shinji. I could not open up to anybody. I was stuck in this shell of self grief and pity, and believe everything was fault. Shinji and I are similar with the Father issues, only mine were different. Just like Shinji I had to go to the darkest depth of my mind, to find the light I' am today.

Rick Hunter (Love Life) - LOL if you never seen Robotech The Macross Saga, then you are missing out on a great love triangle. Rick Hunter love life is very similar to mine it's scary. LOL both fell in love with a singer, didn't work and met a Lisa Hayes. The ups and downs and being under Minmei's spell is pure reflection of a past relationship.

Kazuya Shibuya or Naru The Narcissist - I have been accused on many occasions of being a narcissist. For the record I'm not a narcissist. I do not think I'm better than anyone else. However I will admit I' am a full blown smart ass. Like Naru I really don't have patience or time for the little things and tend to not pay attention to it. This leaves people to believe, that I think I'm better than them. The truth is like Naru, I just don't care for things unimportant if it's something if I know you can handle yourself.

Shu Strength My friend said my ability to endure is like Shu. This is actually my favorite one. Regardless of the how dark, hellish and ugly Shu's world got, he always saw the beauty in humanity and everyone.
A huge test in life is the ability to endure. Just like Shu regardless of what is thrown, I know there is always a light waiting to shine :).

Renton (Overall Me) Renton is cool, naive, driven and passionate about his views. Minus the constant whining, I'm Renton to the core.