Infinite Space (DS) Preview

This week I had a chance to play the Japanese version of Sega's new Sci-Fi RPG. The RPG is entitled "Infinite Space" or Mugen Kōro in Japan. You follow Yuri a young man who dreams of being a space captain. The story I couldn't really understand since I don't understand Japanese. From what Sega said that the story is divided into two parts. One part is Yuri story and the other is him years later. I would like to talk about the gameplay and graphics for this game.

Gameplay - The gameplay is fairly simple. You first must pick and design your ship. There are over 150 designs and crew members to choose from. Once you have choosen your ship. You will embrake on missions depending on what galaxy you have choosen. You control the ship from the command center. Using the touch screen you forward ship towards it's goal. But random battles can encounter with other enemy ships. The attacks are done by the attack gauge seen on the top screen. The higher the attack gauge the more damage you do the ship. It's a turn based RPG with battles with your characters, once you invade the enemy ships. Multiplayer will be fully supported in Wi-fi. However I didn't get a chance to try it out.

Gameplay Footage

Graphics The game opens up with a wonderful Anime cut scene. The conversations are in 2D picture stills. The gameplay itself is in full 3D as you command your ship and take fire. It's has very good graphics for the DS. It has an Nintendo 64 feel to it.

Stay tune for the full review of Infinite Space when it's release for the Nintendo DS on March 16th.