I Wish I Had A Wife Review

I finally gotten the chance to see a Korean Romantic Comedy entitled "I Wish I Had A Wife." The movie is directed by Park Heung-shik (The Twins, Bravo, My Life). It stars Sol Kyung-gu (Peppermint Candy) and Jeon Do-yeon (Happy End, Harmonium in My Memory).

Story - The story follows Bong-Soo Kim (Sol Kyung-gu) a single lonely banker, who is watching love pass him by. He sees all his friends and co-workers getting hitched. Not getting any younger and approaching 30, Bong-Soo Kim starts recording monologues for his future wife. In these monologues Bong-Soo Kim tells his future wife how much he loves her. When Bong-Soo is about to give up hope, enters his old classmate played by (Jin Hee-kyung). Bong-Soo meets her again after leaving a hospital and the two start dating, or just having flings. While this is going on he meets a lovely but shy school teacher Woo-Joo (Jeon Do-yeon). Woo-Joo is very much like Bong-Soo Kim. She also wishes to have the right person in her life, but tends to be out of luck. What progresses in the story is a chance of miss opportunity for Bong-Soo. You know the story of the nice guy that has a nice girl crushing on him, but the nice guy is too dumb to see it. That will sum up Bong-Soo. The problem I had with the story is the rushed ending. I won't spoil it but I felt that the character relationship should have been developed more. Like there should have been more to it. But otherwise it's a nice story.

Music - The music in "I Wish I Had A Wife" is very upbeat and relaxing. Two styles of music Classic music and Jazz. The music score fits right with this lighthearted film. It doesn't disappoint.

Acting - You know some people say romantic movies are the easiest genre to act in. That is not the case at all. It's very difficult to act like you desire or in love with somebody. Sol Kyung-gu delievers as Bong-Soo Kim he is believable as the lovable loner searching for true love. You will find yourself getting frustrated, as you watch him ignore the love in front of him. Jeon Do-yeon is known as one of the best actress in Korea. She really gets into skin of a shy, lonely woman, trying her hardest to win this man's heart. The actors and director do they job well. They make sure that each scene sets the tone for the next scene.

Final Grade - "I Wish I Had A Wife" gets a C+. Great acting, fun music, but the story had it's miss with the establishment of the relationship. Bong Soo Kim basically was like, hey I didn't get the girl I want. I might as well take you. It's a fun movie and worth at least checking out.

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