Samson's Latest Mics: QU2, Satellite, G-Track Pro & Go Mic Mobile @CE Week 2019

Shot & Produced by Young Jeohn

Samson shows us their line-up of mics for content creators for use indoors or on location. The most interesting to me is the Go Mic Mobile as it offers the possibility to capture good quality audio for videos you shoot on your smartphone.

But first, here are the USB mics:

Samson Q2U ($59)

This mic has both USB & XLR inputs for the best of both digital and analog worlds. It's a dynamic type mic with broadcast quality and great for podcasting and streaming. For you the price you pay, you get the mic, a pop filter, stand and everything you need to get started.

Samson Satellite (The available September of 2019)

The biggest selling point of this mic is the range of situations it can cover. You're not limited to podcasts - use this multi-pattern mic for 1 person (uni-directional setting), a 2 person interview (bi-directional setting) or for a group of people at a table read (omni-directional setting).

This condenser mic is USB, but also works with iOS when you use the included USB to lightning cable. There's also a headphone jack for audio monitoring and a capacitive mute switch that prevents clicks or pops when you turn it on.

G-Track Pro ($129)

This broadcast quality, USB condenser mic has 3 polar patterns and a super convenient mixer built right into the front so you don't have to fiddle with software settings on your computer.

It's great for musicians (who might want to record their guitar playing for example) because this mic also has an audio input in the back. Plug in your guitar or maybe some other instrument or music source while you sing into the mic. Record in mono or 2 tracks for editing separately.

Go Mic Mobile

This is a really interesting wireless product for filmmakers and youtubers who want quality audio for videos taken on their smartphones. There are two components:

  1. A receiver unit which attaches to your smartphone - it has a battery life of 13 hours and connects to iOS or Android. All cables are included, including a tripod and shoe mount.

  2. Transmitter unit (Samson offers handheld mics or a lav mic with beltpack). The belt pack uses 2 AA batteries for 20 hours of operation. It's got a mini XLR port built in and comes with a lav mic.

A set comes with 1 transmitter and 1 receiver, but you have the option of pairing 2 transmitters if you want to record two sources (it could be two actors lav'ed up for a film, or an event with one lav'ed presenter and a mic runner.)

More info:

Check prices —- Amazon affiliate link --- Q2U --- G-Track Pro --- Go Mic Mobile


CE WEEK Event (06/19)
@Jacob Javits Center, New York City