Transformers/Ghostbusters #1: Ghosts of Cybertron Part 1 Review

By Justin D Williams

Erik Burnham (Author) • Dan Schoening (Artist, Cover Artist)

“GHOSTS OF CYBERTRON” PART 1! After years of civil war, the Autobots fled Cyberton, leaving their home planet in the evil clutches of Megatron and his Decepticons. Years later and millions of miles away, the Autobots pick up a Cybertronian distress signal from a mysterious planet called Earth. The ghostly signal shouldn’t exist, and it’ll bring Optimus Prime and his team—including brand-new Autobot ECTOTRON—face-to-face with… the GHOSTBUSTERS!

Story:  IDW is really becoming well known for their crossovers within the comic book spectrum. We have seen Green Lantern with Star Trek. We have seen Batman and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. One of the most popular franchise in their catalog,  the Transformers and Ghostbuster have had their fair share of crossovers as well. Transformers have crossed over with G.I. Joe a while book. Now it’s time for a very unlikely but strangely very intriguing crossover with the Ghostbusters. As the synopsis states the war between the Decepticons and Autobots have ended. The Autobots are searching for a new planet. to call home. Meanwhile, the Decepticons encountered a mysterious force (no spoilers) who is here to destroy Cybertron. A distress beacon is found and it leads the Autobots to Earth. The first issue doesn’t do much in terms of interaction between the Ghostbusters and Transformers. However like most issue #1 in comics this is laying the groundwork for the story. We have the setup of why the Ghostbusters and Transformers will be together. We have some witty banter and interaction that we’ve come to expect from Ray and Peter. Without giving spoilers away. I think the writing is solid in this issue. The pacing is good enough that you get enough time with the Transformers and Ghostbusters. The first issue is fun, witty and sets ups what might be a very good crossover. I just hope they explain how this big bad was able to get to Cybertron in the first place.

Art: The art is pretty good. However I wish the art style was like the cover that was done by Alex Miline. I feel that a more serious or adult looking tone would have got me more invested in the world. The art by Dan Schoening is great, but it’s just not my cup of tea for the designs of the Ghostbusters.

Final Thoughts: Transformers & Ghostbusters #1: Ghosts of Cybertron is a good start to what will be a fun crossover. The pieces are set in motion for what will be a unique crossover with the Autobots and New York’s favorite Ghostbusters.

Rating: B+