Valliant teases its upcoming XO Manowar movie

Despite the story of the Valiant Universe’s cornerstone character coming to a true conclusion with the final issue of his self-titled comic in September of 2016, the armored hero known as X-O Manowar is poised to return in as the lead in an all-new series early next year.

Today, Valiant Entertainment teases the next chapter in the saga of X-O Manowar with a new piece of art. But will Aric of Dacia once again don the iconic armor, or is there a new hero waiting to take up the mantle? After all, when it comes to superhero comics, a character’s story is never truly over, but heroic legacies can be the stuff legends — and franchises — are made of.

Whatever the answer, readers will learn more when “X-O Manowar” #1 arrives in March 2017, just in time to celebrate the character’s 25th Anniversary. The creative team has not yet been announced, but the teaser art (below) announcing the upcoming series is by Monika Palosz.