Import Game Watch: School Girl/Zombie Hunter

Every once in a while I buy an import game. I frequently go to the website to see what the people around the globe are playing that we in the west are not.  A new hack n slash game caught my eye while I was browsing. The game is set to debut in January 2017 and it's looks like a good fun time. The game is entitled "School Girl/Zombie Hunter." Check out the trailer below. Once in a while it's good to take a break from complex gameplay and just have fun old school style with a hack n slash game.

A prestigious school "Kirisaku high school" listed the Bunburyodo to stage, school of survival story that has been isolated from the outside world, surrounded by suddenly a large amount generated zombie. And also the elder sister Chan rose series and view of the world, panic shooting action multiplied by the survival by somewhere happened schoolgirl five people of this world. Escape from the hordes of zombies that come to invasion in has been cut off from the outside in the school, repel, and draw until you live escape. Each there is an episode that becomes the backbone to the characters, while cooperation combined also force while holding a conflict, will overcome this impasse.