GetGeeked 2015 - geeky tech event, including 4K cameras!

Created by: Young Jeohn

We went to the GetGeeked event at the Brooklyn Expo Center to see the latest offerings by the hottest tech companies today. We couldn't cover all of them because there were so many cool companies, but this video coverage will give you an idea of what was there.

The list of companies in this video include:
Sandisk (Memory/USB Drives)
myCharge (Portable batteries)
vidmob (Video editing)
iFIT (Fitness technology)
ventev (Mobile device accessories, batteries)
electric JUKEBOX (Premium music service)
HANDL (Phone holder/stand)
JBL (Portable speakers)
leeo (Internet of Things devices)
Amzer (Power/charging accessories)
JVC (4K cameras)
SCOTTeVEST (multi-pocketed outerwear)
Lenovo (Laptops/tablets)
podo (sticky cam)
twelve south (Apple accessories)

For more info on GetGeeked, visit:


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