505 Games Press Play: Fall Preview Event

Hey O&G Fans, during last weeks New York Comic Con, we were invited to check out 505 Games Fall preview event. They showcased four games, The Guest, Adrift, Indivisible, and How To Survive 2.


Team Madrid's chilling first person exploration game filled with puzzles, secrets and riddles. This game was pretty good. You have to solve puzzles to get out of each room, that really challenge you, starting easy at first, then working your brain hard to figure it out. With beautifully rendered environments, it give you a feel of the classic looking hotel while amercing you in the game play.  For anyone who likes challenges and mysteries this is the game for you.  


Last March we got an opportunity to check out Adrift (on the big Theater Screen and the Oculus) During NYCC, we were invited back to see the New Build. The game still looks amazing and even better through the Oculus where you are completely amerced in the game. 


Indivisible is a great action role-playing game, independently developed by Lab Zero Games and published by 505 Games. The games main character is Ajna and it tells the story of her global journey to discover the truth behind her mysterious powers. She joined on her journey by a few different and unique heroes (from what we saw from the demo, character could be added or changed) The game also features 2D hand drawn animation by Lab Zero artist. This game was awesome, The controls were easy to use and understand, The animation and movement was smooth. The Sub-bosses and Stage Boss were really challenging. We can't wait to see the finished game to get the full experience. Check out Lab Zero's Indiegogo page: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/indivisible-a-2d-rpg-for-ps4-xb1-win-mac-linux#/

How To Survive 2

How To Survive 2 a survival Horror game takes place in the French Quarters of New Orleans. This new title offers more advanced graphics, hundreds of objects to craft. The game will include co-op of up to  4 players simultaneously, while 16 players in total can join your camp. The Demo we played was pretty good but a little tough with the controls. This was not the finished games, but still fun to play.


Overall we had a great time playing the games and look forward to the next preview event. check out our in depth game review of indivisible and The Guest in our games to watch article. Thanks to 505 Games for a great event.


by Sean Tucker