XTAL VR Headset From VRgineers

By Justin D Williams


On August 16th I had the pleasure of meeting CEO of VRgineers Marek Polcak and his team, as they were giving a demonstration of their VR headset XTAL. I have to say this was the absolute best experience I have had with VR. Just from a technical standpoint here is the breakdown specs of the XTAL. You can find all this information on their website VRgineers.com .

Specs & Features

5K resolution
5120 x 1440 (2560 x 1440 per eye)
Two Quad HD high-density
OLED displays

Custom-built optics
Exceptionally clear patented non-Fresnel VR lenses

With 180° diagonal FOV, no blurring, and spatial 3D sound from a built-in sound card.

Wearing comfort

Designed to work with glasses

12% lighter, more compact

Artificial leather face cushion

Completely redesigned easy-to-adjust head strap

XTAL detects your eyes and automatically adjusts the lenses for optimal image quality and VR experience. Great if you need to switch users often. The embedded new Leap Motion hand-tracking sensor allows users to interact with a VR scene naturally with their own hands. XTAL’s built-in microphone and voice recognition software bring voice commands into any VR scene or app. Forget browsing through clumsy menus, just say it.

See for yourself me in action using the XTAL below.



Comfort: The XTAL is very comfortable and accommodating for all shapes and sizes. It is easy adjustable and the XTAL ability to adjust to your eyes to adjust the lens was amazing. While other VR headsets gave me problems adjusting for my eyes or wasn’t glasses friendly. I also had to take it off after fifteen minutes, either due to the weight of the headset, terrible graphics or it wasn’t friendly for glasses. I didn’t have any problems with the XTAL. I had the XTAL for one hour straight with no headaches, dizziness or anything problems.

Games: I was able to try out a game from Steam on this and it was a flight simulator game. The graphics was top notch. The 180 degree view that XTAL provides made tracking my enemies much easier without using the guide of the map as you seen in the last clip of the video. I was able to looks around more easily to spot my surroundings and act on it. There was no lagging, no hiccups in the graphics and the lenses adjusted to my eyes perfectly.


Flight Simulator: The XTAL and Flight Simulation go hand in hand. This is where I spent almost forty five minutes because I was so immersed. I first was able to do a actual take off simulator in a jet. The chair felt and emulated just like an actual plane. Inside the jet you had an accurate depiction of buttons, knobs and indicators that are actually inside the jet. The rumble of the chair gave an authentic feel to simulation. The graphic power, 180 view and the comfort of the headset makes this the VR to go too for Flight.

Final Thoughts: The XTAL VR Headset is really amazing. I can’t praise it enough. It fits great, looks great, it’s powerful. I didn’t get any type of headaches. The games and graphics that I played were amazing even on a low powered computer it ran smooth. This is a VR Headset to definitely keep your eye on.