Honest Game Trailers: Final Fantasy VII

From Squaresoft, the company that doesn’t understand the meaning of the word final, comes the best installment of the legendary series… that you’ve actually played. Final Fantasy VII. Check out the new Honest Game Trailers from the good folks at Smosh Games and Screen Junkies.

Smosh Games Launches 'Honest Game Trailers' & '16 Bit High'

Smosh Games Launches 'Honest Game Trailers' & '16 Bit High' One of my favorite Youtube channels Screen Junkies who is responisble for the hilarious Honest Trailers, has teamed up with Smosh Games to create a spinoff called Honest Game Trailers. It has the same premise of Honest Trailers only with videogames. In addition Smosh Games also released 16-Bit Highschool which follows some of your favorite videogame characters as they go through highschool. Check out both videos below and make sure to subscribe.

Honest Games Trailers

16-Bit High