Cosplay Girl of the Week #142 (Futaba Sakura)

Cosplay Girl of the Week #142 (Futaba Sakura)

This week's Cosplay Girl of the Week comes from the world of Persona 5 with the character Futaba Sakura. If you want to talk about straight out of the game into live action, cosplayer Hiko definitely nailed the look, body stance of Futaba. Great shot and a great depiction of the beloved Persona 5 character. 

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Persona 5 Coming To Playstation 3 in 2014

If you know anything about me when it comes to gaming then you know one of my favorite game series is Persona. It was announced earlier that Persona 5 will indeed be coming to the Playstation 3 in the winter of 2014. In addition to this announcement it was also revealed that the 3DS will get a Persona game as well. You can check out both trailers below. I can't wait for this! Persona Rules!!!!!

Persona 5 Trailer

Persona Q: Shadow of The Labyrinth Trailer