OPGamers Pilot Episode

Hey gamers a new show will be coming to your YouTube pretty soon. The show is from the folks at OPGamers.com. Recently they launched the pilot episode of their show, which you can check below.

Quick Review: OPGamers pilot episode is on the right track. It has a fun host with gamer Eddie Mady, and a great supporting co-hosts. The show is part clip show, part comedy show. Clip show section highlights some of funniest moments people have uploaded in gaming. Clips like Luigi riding dirty, granny playing GTA and more.

What really will get gamers interested is the OPgamers clip of the week. Here OPgamers will be offering 1000 dollars gift card to GameSpot to the winner. If that is not showing love to their audience and gaming community don't know what is. On the comedy sketch side it was pretty funny. However some of the actors could use a little tweaking when it comes to delivery.  Since comedy is subjective and this show is geared to a certain audience. The jokes can be a hit or miss for outsiders looking in. Other than some tweeks on jokes, the show is very impressive. I can see this really being a major hit on YouTube once the staff finds their footing. OPgamers got our subscription and they should have yours too.

Visit OPgamers.com and subscribe at Youtube.com/OPgamersTV