NYC Toy Fair 2019: Buzz Bee Toys


Hey O&G fans, it’s that time of year again for the 2019 NYC Toy Fair. We got a chance to check out Buzz Bee Toys and their line of Water and Dart Blasters. The event took place off site from the Javits center at Yotel in NYC. They invited us down to take a look at their new line of toys.

Here is a look at the 2019 line and some of the features.

Adventure Force Frantic Fury.jpg

Adventure Force Frantic Fury [MSRP $19.97; Ages 8+]: Prepare for battle with the Adventure Force Frantic Fury by Buzz Bee Toys! This pump action, rapid fire blaster can send darts up to 100 feet away. Complete with an illuminated, battery-operated scope and flip up screen, you’ll be part of the action from near or far! No need to reload - when one dart clip runs out, flip it around for another! ○ Additional Notes: Includes dart blaster, flip clip, scope, detachable barrel and 20 long distance darts. Batteries required and not included. Available exclusively at Walmart.

Adventure Force Max Morpher.jpg

Adventure Force Max Morpher by Buzz Bee Toys [MSRP $19.97, Ages 8+]: The Adventure Force Max Morpher by Buzz Bee Toys is a 4-in-1 dart blaster that will transform right before your eyes! Fold out the stock or fold out the barrel to use the blaster in either pistol or rifle position. With blasting power up to 100 feet, you can easily keep the competition away! ○ Additional Notes: Includes blaster and 20 long distance darts. Available exclusively at Walmart

Adventure Force Power Raider.jpg

Adventure Force Power Raider by Buzz Bee Toys [MSRP $19.84; Ages 6+]: The Adventure Force Power Raider by Buzz Bee Toys provides both power and accuracy so you’re sure to soak your opponent every time! You can blast water up to 40 feet and use the battery operated Red-Dot-Scope for pinpoint aiming. With three adjustable nozzles and the capacity to hold up to 65 ounces of water, you will be suited up for your next water battle! ○ Additional Notes: Available exclusively at Walmart.

The Walking Dead Andrea_s Rifle.jpg

The Walking Dead Andrea’s Rifle [MSRP $14.99, Ages 6+]: Put yourself in your favorite Walking Dead character’s shoes with this clip fed, bolt action dart blaster by Buzz Bee Toys! With a detachable scope you’ll be able to see walkers from afar, and you’ll never have to get too close with blasting power up to 100 feet! ○ Additional Notes: Includes blaster, scope, 8 long distance darts, and an 8 count dart clip.

Water Warriors Outlaw.jpg

Water Warriors Outlaw [MSRP $11.99, Ages 4+]: Unleash your inner Water Warrior with the Outlaw air pressure water blaster! You can soak your target from up to 42 feet and the water tank holds up to 48 ounces of water - so you won't have to stop the fun to reload! ○ Additional Notes: Available at various retailers, including Kmart.

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by Sean Tucker

video produced by Sean Tucker

Music By Ryan Little

New York Toy Fair 2019: TOMY

By Justin D Williams

TOMY has something for everyone this year with some HOT new brands, like WWE and Doodle Bear, as well as its classic brands like Lamaze and John Deere. TOMY is back in action in 2019 with a partnership with WWE, the internationally-recognized and highly-sought-after intellectual property, to create a line of battling toys. Get ready for some unique battle play, infused with an element of surprise. Retro toys are hot and TOMY is excited to bring the heat with the return of Doodle Bear. The all-new Doodle Bear is refreshed and reimagined for how kids play today. The youngest members of the family will enjoy an all new line that features a quirky parade of pals that makes learning animal sounds amazingly silly. And Lamaze continues to expand their line as the flagship developmental infant brand sure to please babies and parents alike. Start your engines because TOMY is rolling out an all-new collectible, vehicle-based line designed just for girls, as well as all-new John Deere vehicles for the farmer in all of us—and much more!

New York Toy Fair 2019: iCaddy

New York Toy Fair 2019: iCaddy

iCaddy is a universal mobile device stand for tablets (including iPad and Kindle Fire) and smart phones. It includes a USB power bank, a charging cable and premium earbuds. All pieces are stored compactly in built-in storage compartments (never lose your ear buds again!) and it’s foldable, so it fits neatly in a backpack. Tablet battery life can be extended by up to 60% while phones can be completely recharged with the powerful 2600mAh battery pack.

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