Men In Black 3 Review

After ten years the Men In Black are back in action. This time in Agent J must travel back into time to save K. Is this installment or a knockout? Or should you prepare yourself for a Neuralizer?

Story - Agent J travels in time to MIB's early years in the year 1969, to stop an alien from assassinating his friend Agent K and changing history. When I first heard of M.I.B 3 storyline immediately thought to myself, time traveling they just ruined the series. However in fact this storyline actually ties J and K's relationship together. If you weren't a fan of "Men In Black 2", rest assure "Men In Black 3" will make have faith in the series again. As previously stated J travels back in time to stop the assassination of K, after a old foe of K's named "Boris The Animal" (played by Jemanie Clement) escapes from prison. The story is pretty simple and it actually works, it's short, sweet and to the point. What really makes the story work in Men In Black 3 is the focus on K and J's relationship. The overall plot is trying to find K's killer, but the real focus is on J and K's relationship. Questions are raised more about K's past like. Why is K so grumpy? Why is K the way he is with J? 

Focusing on that made M.I.B 3 work for us. That is not saying M.I.B 3 doesn't have it's plot holes, trust me there is a lot of them. There is one scene you think J killed an alien, then the alien appears in the next scene. Some of the jokes didn't make sense and felt awkward. For example Agent J says to Young K "Don't use that Jedi Mind trick on me." This joke doesn't work because Star Wars wasn't even out in the 69. New characters are just put in there and not really explored, the villain "Boris The Animal" wasn't the best. However other than that the story is witty, enjoyable and believe it or not the story is emotional. Out of all the three  Men In Black films, this one is the most emotional, and it needed to be in order to explore K and J's relationship. Without giving any spoilers the twist that is set up towards the end is a little bit a tear jerker for fans. It will bring everything into perspective for J and K, the dots are connected and comes full circle if you fully understand the mythos. Only sad thing is that fans of Frank, The Worms and other aliens from the previously installments, don't get any to none screen time.

Acting - Do I really have to talk about the acting? It's Tommy Lee Jones, Will Smith! The chemistry between these two is still there and still works. However the real amazing show stealer is Josh Brolin who plays Young Agent K. Brolin is purely amazing in this role, he has great chemistry with Smith. He nailed Tommy Lee Jones as K perfectly, you actually forget that Tommy Lee Jones is in the movie. He nails Jones mannerism, speech and his voice, his performance is scary! Overall the acting is a home run and it's what you expect you from "Men In Black."

Music & Filmmaking - The music is by Danny Elfman, and most of the soundtrack is just a rehashed of the first two soundtracks. A couple of strings added here, a guitar solo there, it works but it's not something you will remember. The visuals in M.I.B 3 is good, but 3D is really taking the audience out of the element, remember when you couldn't tell if the scene was on blue or green screen? You can really tell that it was filmed in M.I.B 3. The designs of the aliens are clever, the camera shots are awesome, but too much CGI really takes away from the feel you got from the first and second one. the 1960's New York is really not that different. However it somehow manages to keep it together.

Final Grade B-/***1/2 Out Of 5 Stars - Men In Black 3 is fun, emotional and to the point. It has it's flaws but the ending twist will make up for it. Rest assured it's better than M.I.B 2 and fans will enjoy the performances all around. It's time put on the last suit that you will ever wear.