Justice League: Gods and Monsters Review

Hey O&G fans, Justice League: Gods and Monsters is the latest DC animated film. This marks the return of Bruce Timm to the series of films he helped to begin back in 2007. Written by Bruce Timm and Alan Burnett– both veterans of the DC animated TV universe– and directed by Sam Liu, this movie has the great story and action you expect from DC animated films.

As always here is a synopsis of the film:

In an alternate universe, the Justice League uses brutal force to maintain order on Earth. When scientists begin dying, the world's governments challenge the League's dominance.


The Movie was AWESOME!! The film opens (stop me if you've heard this story) on Kypton with a familiar scene we all know, in Jor-El’s lab with Lara as the planet nears its end. But wait True Comic Fans, this story has a dark twist. General Zod come busting in as Jor El is about to imprint his DNA into his son's pod. Zod shoots Jor El and uses his DNA for the pod and Lar Zod is sent to earth as the last son of Kypton instead. The baby is discovered by a Mexican couple, both poor workers, who decide to raise baby Zod as their own, and name him Hernan Guerra. (DC comics readers might recognize baby Zod as the same one from the Geoff Johns story Last Son, where he was raised by Clark Kent and Lois Lane as Chris Kent.)

Batman and Wonder Women have similar flash backs to how their lives began. Batman afflicted by a disease desperately searching for a cure, turns himself into a vampire. Wonder Women was the promised bride to Darkseids son to bring the waring kingdoms together. After her father planned an assassination and succeeded, she turned on her family and fled to earth.


The voice acting is one of the best I've heard from a DC Movie. Michael C. Hall giving Batman an eerie, undead monotone, Benjamin Bratt capturing the boldness of Superman with a hard Zod edge. Tamara Taylor was absolutely great as Wonder Women, switching from powerful to vulnerable to outraged on a dime. The animation is solid reminds me of Batman and Superman TAS. Bruce Timm and Alan Burnett have successfully delivered a fresh and exciting take on the Justice League by turning them into dark mirrors of the heroic icons we know so well. If you want to know the full and deeper story about all three Justice League members, you can check out the 3 issue series released by DC Comics.

Justice League: Gods and Monsters  will be released on DVD and Blu Ray on July 28th 2015.


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