Luna Haruna at Sony's "Lost in Music" Pop-Up Experience

By Justin D Williams

Sony Lost in Music contiunue with a night of J-Pop with artist Luna Haruna. With several popular anime theme songs such as "Sword Art Online", the "Monogatrari" series and "Saekano: How to Raise a Boring Girlfriend" in her repertoire, Luna Haruna has become a fully fledged Anisong artiste. With numerous performing offers from around the world, her popularity has gone beyond Japan, with her visual style and grounded vocals captivating many. She has also recently started performing as a voice actress. The live performance was great and so was the venue. The venue taking at place at 201 Mulberry Street. The venue fit enough people for the concert while not feeling too congested. There were free drinks and snacks provided which is always a plus. There is also some cool entertainment and activities to do. Of course this being a Sony event there was some form of  Playstation on hand as guest were able to play the Playstation classic before the concert. Gamers were of course lining up to play as a mini competition started before the show.

The concert began at 7:30 as Luna took the stage dress in a beautiful outfit as she had a thunderous ovation from the live crowd. She began her first song “Aiwoutae” from the Monogatari series. The audience and energy was very lively as Luna dance, sing and kept the crowd engaged. Luna performed 12 songs in all from various songs in her catalog of hits.  You can check out the pictures we took and the full song list below. It was a very great event and Luna Haruna is one of hell of a performer. She has a great voice, she keeps the audience engaged I really enjoyed my time there.

 Set List

1. aiwoutae

2. sayonara moratorium

3. I WANNA denji-teki DO

4. koi no kigen wa san-nenai no kigen wa nan-nen?

5. sorawa takaku kazewa utau

6. snowdrop

7. Windia


9. momoiro typhoon

10. KIRAMEKIlifeline

11. kimiiro signal

12. Overfly