Introducing 8-Bit Art

Posted By Justin D Williams

8-Bit Art kits are fun and an exciting way to create cool images and licensed characters on any flat paint surface. Ultimate Source makes building a fun DIY mural so much easier than ever before. Each kit in the 8-Bit Art line, comes with durable paper sticky notes, along with detailed instructions on how to assemble the amazing paper pixel art.

The kits include approximately 200 or more paper squares, for you to adhere to any flat paint surface. 8-Bit Art Kits are the only kits on the market that are able to match the exact colors of the licensed characters. These fun kits are a great way to decorate bedrooms, doors, windows, dorm rooms, or even dress up boring office space environments, without damaging your walls. Fun can be had by the entire family! Parents will recognize and appreciate the nostalgia of the art and children will recognize the iconic characters. There’s no more exciting or better way to spend time as a family.

8-Bit Art product lines include the Nintendo Mario franchise, The Legend of Zelda, and Donkey Kong. Debuted at New York Toy Fair 2017, Ultimate Source has also included a Holiday segment to their lineup, which includes Christmas, Valentine’s Day, and Halloween.

Ultimate Source manager, Chris Nicolella, had this to say about the product line, “With 8-Bit Art custom license kits, we are able to make the process dramatically easier for anyone to get into. The beauty of 8-Bit Art is that it’s simple. It also maintains that exciting DIY feel at a fraction of the cost. Partnering with Nintendo for 8-Bit Art Mario has been the perfect fit. Now you can display a character on your wall and it stays with you for as long as you want it to.”

With many more 8-Bit Art designs in the works, Ultimate Source has been building their designs one 8-Bit at a time. Find 8-Bit Art at major retailers such as Target®, GameStop ®, Bed Bath & Beyond ®, with many more to come.

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