Cute High Earth Defense CLUB LOVE! (Episode 1 Review)

Cute High Earth Defense CLUB LOVE story focuses on the lives of 5 ordinary boys, each of them possessing an extraordinary power given to them by a Mysterious creature from outer space, the group that calls themselves as "Boueibu" (The Earth's Defense Club). Each with their unique nature-based gifted powers, they must go up against the enemies of the universe Earth.

2015 is kicking off anime with a lighthearted parody of some of your favorite magical girl anime shows. If you're a fan of shows like Sailor Moon or Madoka Magica then this parody is for you. Cute High Earth Defense CLUB LOVE! doesn't take itself seriously, it knows what it is going for and I actually had fun watching this. Based on the plot and tone of the first episode you can tell this anime was heavily influenced by Sailor Moon. As an anime comedy the show has to hit on the humor, and for the 1st episode it succeeds very well. It tries to avoid the cliche run on joke of I'm a boy doing girly things. Instead the humor comes from the characters and interaction with each other. One of the funniest characters is Wombat, the mysterious creature who gives the boys their powers. He is the central focus on comedy and his interaction with the boys is spot on. The way each boy reacts to this talking creature had me laughing. The comedy succeeds thanks to the dialogue, which is also a huge factor on why this first episode succeeds. Writer Michiko Yokote (Princess Tutu) delivers a great script with witty remarks, flushed out characters and overall fun. 

Animation is great and actually keeps the tone of a colorful magical world intact. Sailor Moon fans are going to smile at the homage to the anime with the transformation scene. The great use of colors, close up shots and one funny action battle put this anime on my Crunchyroll queue list.

The main question I will ask is whether this series can hold up the humor without getting stale. Only time will tell. We will find out if Cute High Earth Defense CLUB LOVE! can keep it up.

Final Grade 8.5/10