The Battle of The Superman Themes

Ever since Hans Zimmer took over the reigns for Superman's theme song for Man of Steel, there has been a division among fans. Many fans wanted the iconic theme from John Williams epic score. Others like myself welcomed a new take on Superman's theme. However which theme song can we consider the definitive theme song for Superman? For the record I' am in no shape or form a music expert. I just want to bring on my take on the two themes and which one I feel is the best one. I would like you readers to vote on the poll or leave a comment on which theme you think is best.

Two Different Superman's and Two Interpretations
Before we scream that John Williams created the definitive theme, or Hans Zimmer theme is the best. We must understand that each theme is for a different era and generation. Each theme is for a different interpretation of Superman. John Williams Superman which was played by Christopher Reeve was pure. Superman stood for truth, justice and the American way he was the all around boy scout. Superman in Donner's films gave you hope, he made you believe in something. Not to the mention Donner's film made you believe a man can truly fly. John Williams capture those ideals and made one of the most epic scores ever to put on film. Williams score took you to another place. The theme song made you want to run the streets and rip your shirt off and jump high. Williams really capture Superman theme song and personify it for that era.

Hans Zimmer Man of Steel theme is a total different interpretation on the character. Zack Synder's Superman is just starting out. His Superman is not giving us the same feel of hope as Reeves Superman. Superman is still learning how to become the Man of Steel we all know. Hans Zimmer theme is all about build up and progression. It starts off slow and lighthearted and eventually turns into a full epic score. I like the use of the piano that slowly picks up the pace as the song goes deeper. It's calm and mellow but turns into an all out assault kind of like the movie.

Winner: Tied. Both composers do a great job of personifying their Superman's with the score.

The Impact
To be fair Hans Zimmer Man of Steel theme is new and still has to grow with the public. John Williams theme has been around a lot longer and has already reach timeless status. However when it comes to impact of the two themes John Williams takes this one. It's more recognizable, has been used in various other forms of media and still makes us want to fly. Zimmer theme I listen to more when I'm exercising. Zimmer's theme gives me a rush ofa drenaline when the percussion kick in. Williams I sit back and feel like I can fly it's a feeling I can't describe.

Winner: John Williams

The Song
Personally I love John Williams theme and I really love Hans Zimmer theme. Both composers knocked it out of the park. However if I had to choose which one represents Superman the best I will have to say John Williams. The theme just leaves a timeless feel with you. The use of horns, strings and that signature Williams touch is great.

Winner: John Williams

Listen to both themes below and tell me which one you think is the best?

Superman Theme by John Williams

Man of Steel Theme