Former WWE Champion CM Punk Signs Multi-Fight Deal With UFC

During Saturday night's UFC 181 pay-per-view event, former WWE superstar CM Punk, real name Phil Brooks dropped a bomb by announcing that he has signed a multi-fight deal with the UFC and will have his first fight sometime next year.  Phil Brooks has no prior MMA record but he has been training mixed martial arts with the Gracie brothers, known for their jujitsu. The announcement was received with mixed to negative reactions from all circuits, some even calling into question the UFC's decision.

Nevertheless, it was quite shocking news that even I did not expect. CM Punk has been known to call out MMA Fighters on twitter and get into heated exchanges with them but I always thought it was only a publicity stunt. I don't agree with the UFC's decision signing him with no MMA fights under his belt. Personally, I think (or I feel) he should earn it by competing in The Ultimate Fighter, but at the end of the day UFC is about business as well. They've experienced first hand how much money Brock Lesnar generated for them and they wanna repeat the same fortune with CM Punk.

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