Voice Actor Troy Baker Releases New Album "Sitting in the Fire"

Hey everyone one of my favorite voice actors Troy Baker has released his brand new album. The album is entitled "Sitting in the Fire." Read the details below.

Written and executive produced by Troy, Sitting in the Fire was recorded in a cabin in Big Bear, California. The album was produced by Johnny What (Eriel Indigo) and co-produced, engineered and mixed by Rob King (Red Delicious, Hampton Beats, Echo Park Social Club). “We didn't set out to make singles, we set out to make a record,” says Troy. “It began by deconstructing all of the songs, reducing them to their quintessential elements. That's where Johnny came in. ” Johnny What told Troy, "There's a place these songs want to go to, and you can't take them there." "So we stripped every song down to just its foundation," Troy adds, "an acoustic and a scratch vocal, and built up from there." Rob King noted "we wanted to really keep the record as raw as possible. There are beautiful mistakes all over the place! For the record, no Auto-tune or drum grid editing either, just good performances from great musicians." The album and single are now available in the U.S.: http://bitly.com/1qnyGGP Sitting in the Fire is an eclectic offering of rock n’ roll that seamlessly blends the electronic and organic, revealing strong influences of early U2, INXS, Muse and Jeff Buckley.

The album debuted at #26 on iTunes Alternative rock chart and #137 on the top 200. At Amazon, the album also hit #1 on the Singer Songwriter chart, #17 on Alternative Rock chart and cracked the Top 100 at #93 with overall album sales. Troy calls the album “an analogue album in a digital world, and cites it "not as a collection of songs, but a true record in the spirit of the LP." He continues, "we used to have a unique, kinetic relationship with the music we listened to. You placed the 33 on the platter, 'put the needle down' and for the next 20 minutes just listened to that record. When that needle crossed over to the other side, you had to flip that record over and repeat the process. It was interactive and given the world I'm predominately known for, an interactive medium is something that interests me." Texas native Troy Baker has recently risen to be one of the most prolific actors in video games. In 2013 alone, his performances included "Joel" in the Game of the Year, The Last of Us, "Booker DeWitt" in Bioshock Infinite and "The Joker" in Batman: Arkham Origins. Baker has received several nominations and awards including Spike's VGX, DICE and BAFTA. He was also featured in Entertainment Weekly's "Best of 2013" issue. 2014 finds Troy starring opposite Kevin Spacey in the upcoming Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, in addition to playing the tortured protagonist "Talion" in Warner Brother's new installment of The Lord of the Rings Saga: Shadow of Mordor.

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