Real Heroes Review

A desperate reality show producer hits on the idea of doing "The Real World", but with superheroes. Unfortunately, Spiderman, Supergirl, and Iron Man all have better things to do so he takes what he can get. This is a look behind the mask at B-string superheroes hoping to hit the big time. The guys you've never heard of who go out every night fighting crime and hoping someone will notice. The ones who are desperate enough to go on a reality show. They are Sable, a single mom trying to juggle crime fighting, a moody teenage daughter, and a waitressing job; Big Shot, a macho marksman who can't get over the breakup with his former sidekick, Malibu Action Girl, a spoiled rich kid determined to prove that she's more than the sum of daddy's expensive weapons, Water Warrior, a hunky hero trying to sleep his way to the top, and Rick & Josh, former teen superheroes trying to put their past behind them. They all have powers and they all have issues.

If you're looking for a fun, lighthearted film aim for the geek audience; give Real Heroes a glance. It's exactly what the synopsis says; "The Real World" meets superheroes. One thing I like about Real Heroes is it knows it's core audience and who it's aiming for. The character's interaction with each is what will really keep you watching. The single mom Sable relationship with her teenage daughter - who actually seems more mature than her mother - was great to watch. The character Malibu Action Girl is another one I found myself drawn too. She is spoiled, has money, and really insecure. However, her goal to prove herself as a hero is cool to watch. My favorite one of them all is Water Warrior. He reminded me of the run on Aquaman joke with his powers and trying to find importance. It's also funny how he tries to sleep around and constantly tries to use his alpha male status to get to the top. 

The story pacing flows well giving each character time for a back-story and characterization. While this film is heavy on comedy, the focus does give you time to invest on the characters. You can understand Sable's daughter's embarrassment, you understand Big Shot's heartbreak over his sidekick. While the main plot of trying to get these heroes co-exist in this house is good, it's the individual stories is the true driving force. Overall, if you want a cool geek time give Real Heroes a look.