New Poster For Jackie Chan's New Film DRAGON BLADE

I am a HUGE Jackie Chan fan. I have watched every single movie he's ever made and most of them I've watched numerous times. JC is in his best form when making Chinese movies as opposed to Hollywood movies. He's also a very generous Philanthropist with multiple charity organizations all over the world. I have so much respect for the guy regardless of his somewhat controversial personal life. But enough about my admiration for arguably the greatest martial arts star of all time, instead check out the new poster as well as other promotional posters of his newest movie Dragon Blade!

Dragon Blade is an upcoming Chinese historical action film written and directed by Daniel Lee and starring Jackie Chan. He stars as commander of the protectorate of the western regions, who teams up with Lucius (John Cusack) to protect China’s borders and sovereignty. John Cusack will play Lucius, a Roman general who leads a legion of soldiers into China. Adrian Brody plays power-hungry Tiberius, who has killed Roman Consul Crassus and chases after Lucius with 100,000 troops.

Dragon Blade is set to release in IMAX 3D February 19, 2015, the first day of Chinese New Year holiday period.

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