Lenni Reviews: Vampire Knight vol 19 by Matsuri Hino

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I started reading this series when Shojo Beat was still a subscription magazine. Unfortunately, when the magazine stopped, I also stopped reading it; due entirely to my allotted money to spend on hard copy volumes of comics or manga. But I've read enough to know who these characters are so I am not going into this volume blind and it was very easy for me to catch up.

Kaname has vowed to sacrifice himself in order to create the next generation of hunter weapons Yuki is hell bent on stopping him. A fledgling vampire herself, she not only has to deal with her connection to Zero, but her love for Kaname and the pure bloods coming to attack them.

While I did like how the story wrapped up, I felt it was a little rushed. I would have liked to see smoother transitions between the emotional battle and the actual battle taking place in the book. I wouldn't have minded one more volume to wrap everything up; and not just because it's sad to say goodbye to all the characters I've come to love. The ending may not be as satisfying as the perfect happily ever after but it is fitting. Enjoy this last volume as a sensible ending to a lush, vibrant series.

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