Theories On Who Is Harrison Wells?

One of my favorite things about "The Flash" show is trying to figure out who is Harrison Wells? There are many people who believe that Harrison Wells is actually the Reverse Flash. That idea is all thanks to ending of the first episode where Harrison is shown with a news article regarding The Flash in 2024.

Today I wanted to share my theories on who I think Harrison Wells is. I will always use evidence from the show and comics to support my theories. As Anakin Skywalker would say "This is where the fun begins."

Theory 1: Harrison Wells is the Reverse Flash (Professor Zoom)

Obsessed with The Flash (check), has access to other timezones and realities (check), comes off as creepy and menancing (check). It will be a safe bet that Harrison Wells is indeed Professor Zoom. So far all the signs are pointing to Harrison Wells, he already did kill a guy on the show. However what about Eddie Thawne? Thawne might also be Professor Zoom and is using Iris and Detective West as pawns for his big strike.  The best way to attack a hero is get close to him or his loved oned. However hints of Harrison Wells character are clear from Geoff Johns himself. Johns states

"Harrison Wells is a new character that was created, the name obviously is brand new. I don't think we can say anything else about it ... the NAME IS NEW...the character is not."

With that said it is a good bet that Harrison Well is indeed Professor Zoom.

Theory 2: Harrison Wells is actually an older Barry Allen

This is something that I've been thinking about for a while now. What if Harrison Wells is actually Barry Allen from another time? What if an event is going to happen that The Flash couldn't prevent? Or The Flash actually causes something that he regrets that takes him on a dark path. Harrison Wells is very concern with The Flash's well being and molding him into a hero. Maybe the reason he is so concern is because he is Barry Allen. It's possible that he has travel to prevent something from happening. It will be cool if Harrison Wells is actually Barry Allen that has taken a dark turn. This will lead to a many possibilites and story arcs for the show.

Theory 3: Harrison Wells is Metron

This theory is way left field but some comic fans are saying Wells is indeed Metron. Metron is really unlikely mainly because he is more of an observer of the universe. He seeks greater knowledge and understanding and he will have no reason to kill.

Who do you think Harrison Wells is? Let me know.