MOO MiniCards Review

I've never had any business cards done before so when the opportunity arose, I made sure I did my research and stumbled upon The MiniCard caught my eye right away and after reading good things about it online. I decided to give them a try and played around with the template provided by the site.

The MiniCards are cards half the size of the standard business card. MOO enables you to put different images in one side of the card giving you the opportunity to have an array of custom designed cards with your standard purchase. Photographers and Designers that like to showcase their work will definitely benefit from this feature. The standard order is 100 pieces double-sided for $19.99. Not bad when you think you can have 100 cards with 100 different designs.

The MOO website is very user-friendly. You can choose to have your card with pre-made MOO designs or design your own with the design wizard. I opted with designing my own using the downloadable vector template to have more freedom when designing the cards. All images should be size correctly and converted to CMYK. CMYK is the preferred color format for printing to avoid any surprises. Be careful when you’re converting your files and follow the guidelines on the MOO website. If you think that your images don’t have enough “oomph”, the enhance feature in the design process will help.

The website order process was really simple, really easy, and really quick. I uploaded the complete design I created for myself and the rest of OtakusandGeeks team then paid and that's it. You get an automated email updates telling you when your order has been received, printed, and dispatched. I also picked up a MiniCard Holder, a very cool looking little case that you can attach to your keyring.

The cards arrived less than 10 days after it was ordered, not bad at all. The cards made it for before NYCC that will be held this coming week; which I will be attending. Definitely will be handing them out whenever opportunity arises.

The cards are on a heavy paper stock making them more durable and the printed words and images came out really sharp. I love the size; definitely different from your standard business cards. The MOO MiniCards look and feel professional, and are worth every penny. The white box that the cards are packaged in is very sturdy and came with several cards with discount code. The tabs that say “Mine” and “Theirs” is for you to store your cards and cards you collect from other people. Meanwhile, I used the plastic wrapping for the MiniCard holder to hold additional cards on the go since the actual holder can only carry 12 cards at a time. 

Overall I'm really impressed. I'll be ordering more when I run out and MOO makes that pretty simple too. Re-ordering the same cards in a 1 click process since your previous order is saved and stored in your account.

What do you think? If you’re interested in ordering your very own MiniCards head over to




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