Lenni Reviews: My Love Story vol 2 by Kazune Kwahara and Aruko

Continuing from volume one, my favorite big guy with a big heart, Takeo Goda is still misunderstood due to his giant appearance and gruff looks. But he doesn't care as long as Rinko Yamato looks at him with a great big smile and his best friend Makoto Sunakawa is by his side. But life is as life does and events conspire to make Takeo have to chose who he will spend his time with when both of the most important people in his life need him the most.

As with the first volume, Takeo and Rinko are adorable and Makoto is the silent pillar of strength for Takeo as he always has been. But while the blurb on the back of the book implies the couple will have issues making it passed the 'honeymoon stage,' the problems they actually face in the book are pretty damn dire. Not to spoil too much but there's a fire and someone has surgery. Both seem to bring all three closer together as opposed to really test the strength of the romance or the friendship. All three of our major players here are so understanding and supportive, it's hard to believe a simple explanation followed by a compromise wouldn't solve the problems.

This doesn't mean the story isn't interesting - or any less adorable, I cannot stress that enough - but if one of these kids suddenly turned around and started acting like a jerk, it'd be completely out of character. I expect this series to be a set of simple misunderstandings followed by more bonding. I would like to see these kids grow a little, see some real tests to their relationships. But seeing these characters enjoy life is refreshing and sweet. I look forward reading the next volume!

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