Lenni Reviews: Food Wars vol 2 by Yuto Tsukuda and Shun Saeki

What happens after you (begrudgingly) get accepted to school? Why, you move into the dorms, of course! And of course Soma can't take such a simple step without having to battle his way through so first he battles the dorm matron, then we are introduced to the idea of the Counsel of Ten as Soma battles the ever hardly dressed Satoshi Isshiki for a place to rest his head. And just in time as Soma's battles seem never ending.

Just as with the first volume, all the food cooked in this manga is "make your clothes fall off" delicious and the "Counsel of Ten" was an instant nod to Kill La Kill for me. This is not a bad thing as I expect epic shenanigans. Erina Nakiri (the queen bee from volume one) makes a brief appearance in order to make sure you don't forget she's still a player in this culinary game but this volume truly belongs to Soma; as he dominates every battle. Fan service? Never ending, even some eye candy for the bishie fans out there. Not in the exact ratio to the amount of bouncing cleavage but this is from Shonen Jump so, ya get what ya get and I am not upset. The over-the-top rediculousness keeps me giggling and I am hungry for volume three.

Yes, I made a food pun. You know it hadda happen at least once. ;)

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