Lenni Reviews: Black Rose Alice vol 1 by Setona Mizushiro

In 1900's Vienna, famous tenor Dimitri Lewandoski gets trampled by a horse and wakes up with a strange rose shaped mark on the back of his neck. Suddenly, whenever he sings, people die. Suffering the loss of his beloved, he goes underground. The story really begins in 2008 Tokyo where Azusa Kikukawa is involved in a fatal car accident and Dimitri offers to save her lover in exchange for becoming a breeder for the same vampire seeds which infect Dimitri.

I have to say, seeing the vampires propagate via bugs crawling out of their mouths. They are still attractive if that's what you're looking for in your vampires (as opposed to The Strain where they are quite disgusting) but if you are spooked by bugs, you may wanna avoid this manga.

As I am not opposed to bugs, This manga is interesting but it ended right after Azusa makes her deal. Not even a hint as to what the ramifications of this deal are yet. It doesn't come off as a cliffhanger, more as unfinished. I am intrigued, however, to see where this manga will go. Dimitri and Azusa both have similarly tragic love stories so I'm curious to see if Dimitri will have pity on her or just rip her world apart to reach his own ends. Intrigued, but not desperate. If I never came across volume 2, I don't think I would feel all that bad. The story is ok, but didn't really capture me. Maybe volume 2 will be better.

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