Knightwing: The Series Episode 1 [Deathstroke] Review

With all the new television shows that Warner Bros and DC Entertainment have running and in development it was a surprise to see a unaffiliated Knightwing web series appear made "by fans for fans." After enticing trailers and over whelming support from Kickstarter, episode one was finally released this past week!

Entitled Deathstroke, the episode opens at a fundraiser for a US senator. Deathstroke enters and engages in what he does best. The fight sequence that ensues is impeccably choreographed and flawlessly executed. The timing of sound effects and enhancing orchestrations fit perfectly into the world of Batman fans have come to expect. The blood special effects however are slightly off the mark. Danny Shepherd's interpretation of Nightwing shows promise in that is has hints of Batman's interrogation techniques, and infuses a sense of humor into the character.

The episode is eight minutes long. In that short run it succeeds at drawing the audience in and sustaining there attention. Not to mention a hint of another DC character fans will be dying to see in the next episode!

Lots like the fans have spoken! Knightwing The Series Episode 2 premieres Monday October 6th!!