Cutter Vol 1 (Comic Review)

What if that kid you and your friends picked on in your youth came back with a kill you and your friends? That dark guilt-ridden fear is at the core of CUTTER, a cautionary tale about the sins of your past coming back to haunt you. Jeremy lives a quiet life with his wife in a rural town. Successful and stable, Jeremy is the guy next door. But he and his high school friends share a dark secret. And when that secret literally comes back to haunt them, Jeremy must confront his past and his own sanity as he comes face to face with a vicious serial killer..."The Cutter."

Cutter first volume starts off strong, keeping the reader immerse in the world from the very first pages. What I like about Cutter is that the characters are presented as good hardworking people. However most of the characters have a secret, a dark past that is connected to a certain time period. As the story progresses, one by one Jeremy friend's turn up dead and now he is being viewed as a suspect. The feel of Cutter reminds me of "I Know What You Did Last Summer." A group of friends did something terrible in the past and now the past has return to extract revenge. One thing "Cutter" does well is keeping the mystery of what happen. You know that a person died, but you don't know when or how. I'm curious to see how Jeremy will interact or what he will do now that his friends are turning up dead. Overall "Cutter" is on the good path, it has interesting characters, lovely artwork and the pacing is solid. If you're into revenge stories from beyond, this is something you might want to check out.

Final Grade: 8.0/10