2NE1's CL Announces US Debut Album for 2015

Most of us who know 2NE1 know CL's background story. Her real name's Chaerin-Lee (이 채린) and happens to be a prominent member of 2NE1. After their debut in 2009, they became one of the most popular and well known female Kpop groups. However, there's not much people know about her. She spent much of her life in France and Japan, so not only speaking Korean and English, she also speaks French and Japanese.Not only that, but she's also good friends with people such as Jeremy Scott, MIA, Rita Ora, and many other western artists. Also she recently released her own single "The Baddest Female" in 2013. She's definitely talented, as seen with the work she's done with G Dragon and other artists as well, such as "The Leaders".

However, it seems as though she has recently gotten a hold of Justin Bieber's manager, Scooter Braun and been working with him to prepare a debut album for the United States' ears in spring of 2015. While yes you may be freaking out in worry about her working with Bieber's manager, do not worry, pretty sure that label mate PSY will not allow for anything to go wrong. There's also been rumors going about that there may be work with Pharell, MIA, and Nicki Minaj on this album, since she's been making a lot of appearances with them as of late. Whether this is true or not is not entirely sure.

The amazing part of this album release will be the fact that it's intended to be entirely in English. If successful, this may mean bringing 2NE1 over to be entirely done in English for the States as well; something that has been worked on since 2010 for the group. All we can hope for is that she may be successful!