The Legend of Korra (XBOX One Impressions)

I had the great pleasure of attending this year's Nickelodeon Holiday presentation which you will read about later. While there I got my first hands on look for the new Legend of Korra game coming to all consoles. I played the XBOX One version and I must say fans of Korra can rest easy the game is awesome. Those familiar with the style of action beat em ups such as Bayonetta will be familiar with the flow of the game. Players will be able to use all the four air bending elements with a press of the button. Depending on enemies it will best to use certain elements. Some elements will work on certain enemies and some will not. One of my favorite parts of the gameplay was switching air bending elements while still fighting. For example I hit an opponent with fire and quickly switch to air which build up my combo hit more. Finding different combinations and styles kept me fully immerse in the game.

Wield The Air Bending Elements

Fans will also be happy to know that the graphics look amazing on next gen consoles. The environment, sound, and look of the show you love is all entact. Everything from the mannerism, attacks and location look beautiful on the XBOX One. So far the game looks to nail the feel of the show and the gameplay is truly action pack. We will have a full review when the game is released. You can check out some more stills below.