Make Comic Books Like The Pros By Greg Pak and Fred Van Lente (Book Review)

"Make Comic Books Like The Pros" is a guide for any inspiring writer, wanting to learn how to write the style of comic books. Greg Pak and Fred Van Lente give enough information in this 84 pages to get you started. The book has a total of six chapters which covers basic story structure, putting your ideals on panels, building a team and even how to pitch your comic book.

One thing I found the most useful is the proper way to write a script. There is many ways to write a script but Greg Pak and Fred Van Lente give a very easy breakdown on how to write one. Everything is discussed from adding sound effects, formating the actual page and a breakdown of terminology. I also found helpful that the book takes time to describe to each job and role. Did you ever want to know the role of the inker, colorist and what it takes? It is explain in this book. The book is easy to read and the pacing of the writing keeps you reading till the end. One more honorable mention is the book explains a breakdown of cost for an indie publisher. The steps it might cost to get the book made, publish and even staff inquiry. In addition the amount of money you might make from sales is very helpful. Overall if you're looking for a guide to write comic books this book does very well. It's a quick read but it hits all the important points and information.

Final Grade: B+/8.5