G.I. Joe #1 (The Fall of G.I. Joe) Review

DOES THE WORLD NEED G.I. JOE? Cobra had become an international peacekeeping force… and the future of G.I. JOE looks bleak. SCARLETT leads what’s left of America’s ultimate fighting force but will she be able to keep her new team together?

G.I. Joe #1 is a fresh new take on the Joe's. Writer Karen Traviss brings her experience of writing stories based on military and politics and weaves it into the Joe's. The first issue is not an action packed by any means. Instead we trade in the guns, explosions and the classic battle cry for a more political driven issue. Cobra has now become an international peacekeeping force and are trying to establish allies and ties. With Cobra not up to their usual ways the government is debating whether the G.I. Joes are even needed. Enters Scarlett the new leader of the Joe's who is trying to keep the Joe's together. I actually like Scarlett as the leader of the G.I. Joe's. Her intelligence, strategic knowledge, and her relationship with each member works well. 

While I enjoy this issue I wish there was a little action in this. However this is building up to something that can be huge story arc for the Joe's. Cobra is definitely not all they appear to be, the Joe's might be heading to it last hurrah, and the world is in a brink of uncertainty. If you like a political thriller that will lead up to an all out battle. Check this one out.

Final Grade 7.5/10