Five Survival Horror Games To Keep Your Eyes On

One of my favorite genre's is returning this year and next year in a huge way. Survival Horror games have been lacking in scares the pass couple of years. However with the successful hits of games such as Slender and Outlast. It's safe to say the direction that horror games is taking is a good direction. The scares are actually returning as developers are focusing more suspense and intensity instead of gore and shock. Here are several horror games you should keep your eyes on in the upcoming years.

1. Silent Hills
The big hit Playable Teaser has taken PS4 owners by storm. What happens when you combine the minds of Guillermo del Toro and Hideo Kojima? The answer to that is one scary as gaming experience. The Playable Teaser was not only scary, but it brought back the old scary feel that Silent Hill use to give us. Add the bonus that Walking Dead star Norman Reedus will be the main protagonist and you have something special. Even though Playable Teaser is said not to be related to Silent Hills it's great to see the type of tone Kojima and del Toro are going. Trust us when this game drops so will your controller. Kojima has promise that this game will make you shit your pants and judging by the reaction on Playable Teaser he might live up to his promise.

2. Fatal Frame Wii U

It's no secret that Fatal Frame is my favorite horror franchise of all time. The series nearly perfected what it's like to be in a Japanese horror film. Taking inspirations from old folk tales, films like Ringu and real life stories. Fatal Frame has scared it's fans for years. Well this time Fatal Frame will return for the Wii U. The trailer seems to follow the same m.o. as previous Fatal Frame games. Hopefully the scares are enough to keep veterans interested in the game.

3. Until Dawn

While Silent Hills is more psychological and Fatal Frame is more of the paranormal aspect in their games. Until Dawn focuses on eight teenagers being stalked by a killer. If you're a fan of classic slashers this might be the dream game you are waiting for. The game is said to play similar to Heavy Rain and if it's a Heavy Rain meets survival horror I won't mind it. As long as the story is great and the pacing keeps us tense this is will be a winner.

4. Resident Evil Revelations 2

It's no doubt that Resident Evil has lost some of they hardcore fans. The previous entry Resident Evil 6 wasn't well received.  However Resident Evil Revelations for the Nintendo 3DS went back to basic with a mixture of Resident Evil 4 gameplay. This combination not only work for hardcore fans but brought back the horror elements of Resident Evil. The sequel hopes to capitalize on the success with the return of Claire Redfield and newcomer Moira Burton the daughter of Barry from the first game. So far the plot is describe as Claire and Moira being kidnapped and held at a detention center. Judging by recent pics this looks to follow the same style as the previous game.

5. The Evil Within

The Evil Within will be heavily based on pure survival instincts. The game main selling point will be using your environment to survive. The game seems to be going for one of the most realistic horror game we seen in a while. There will be no regeneration for your body, health items are back and weapons will be scarce.