Five Best English Songs From Utada Hikaru's English Albums

It's no secret that Utada Hikaru is my favorite J-Pop artist period. She is currently on hiatus from music and who knows when she will be back to give us another English album. Till this day I still listen to her three English release albums that we gave the states. Her album Precious, Exodus and This Is The One are all really good albums. However some tracks just really stand out above the rest. Today I wanted to pick five of the best songs from all of her English albums. Now as much as I love Sanctuary and Simple & Clean from Kingdom Hearts they were excluded from the list, as well as Hikki's wonderful cover of "Close To You" from the Precious album. This list is purely of original songs from Hikki for Hikki not from soundtracks or covers.

5. Come Back To Me (This Is The One)

"Come Back To Me" is the best song on Utada's "This Is The One" album beside my personal favorite Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence FYI. This song has a great R &B feel with great lyrics and wonderful production. 

4. Kremlin Dusk (Exodus)

Kremlin Dusk is my second favorite song on Hikki's "Exodus" album. This song is all about build up. Utada starts her a slow pace but as the production kicks in her voice goes in full gear and the ending is a great finish. 

3. Ticket 4 Two (Cubic U Precious)

My favorite song from her Cubic U days. "Ticket 4 Two" is a laid back 90's R & B track and really showcase Utada's range as an artist.  

2. Let Me Give You My Love (Exodus)

What happens you combine Timbaland and Utada you get a club track in "Let Me Give You My Love." This is track is more mature and more sexual but still presented in a way only Utada can do it.

1. About Me (Exodus)

The best track Utada recorded in English to me is "About Me." This acoustic track has great lyrics, and great concept to the song and Utada shines all the way through.

What is your favorite Utada song? Tell us in the comment section.