Five Actors Who Will Make A Good John Stewart (Green Lantern)

Since the Justice League movie will be in the not too distant future. There is still one main concern about the movie and that is which Green Lantern will be featured. It has already been well known that Ryan Reynolds will not be returning as Hal Jordan. However that doesn't mean a new Hal Jordan might not be cast. With so many Green Lantern's of earth to choose from Kyle, Guy and John studios have a lot of arcs and plotlines to use for the future. If Warner Bros and DC decide not to use Hal and go with the other well known Lantern John Stewart, the question is who should play him. Today I have chosen five actors I think will be great as John Stewart.

1. Idris Elba

The most popular choice on the list is a no brainer. Idris Elba would make the perfect John Stewart should he be included in the Justice League. There is no doubt in my mind that Elba will knock the role right out of the park. He has the acting range to play almost anything he sees fit. Playing the miltary no nonsense Green Lantern will be great to see. However his role in both Thor movies as Heimdall might be a problem for fanboys.

2. Chad Boswick
This my personal favorite choice. While I would love to see Idris Elba's take on the character. I would love to see what Chad Boswick would do with the role. The casting so far with DC has been a lot of shockers and surprises. I think giving Chad Boswick a chance in the role will be a great idea. He has already shown that he has the acting range to play two legends James Brown and Jackie Robinson. How about seeing him in a genre we haven't seen him yet and that is the superhero role. I think Boswick can pull off the serious mannerism, voice and body language John Stewart with ease.

3. Isaiah Washington
Isaiah Washington is someone I will cast. He has played a lot of dramatic and serious roles and he definitely has the look. If they decided to make John Stewart a little bit older I will definitely go this route. Washington can been seen on CW's 100 as the main leader of the ship. He has proven of the years to be a serious actor.

4. Omari Hardwick


 I have been watching "Power" on Starz and Omari Hardwick is doing one hell of a job on the show. He's really showing his acting chops and he is the most compelling character on the show. Casting him as John Stewart won't be bad choice at all. He can add dimensions, layers and he really has the tough guy persona to really show that John is the Green Lantern you don't want to mess with.

5. Common

Common was the first one to be rumored to be Green Lantern when the original Justice League movie was going to be filmed. However that movie was scrapped. Still Common has improve as an actor on Hell on Wheels and certainly has the look to play John Stewart. This one would be a toss up for me personality but he has enough acting experience to play John.