A Voice In The Dark: Get Your Gun #1 Review

With Zoey and several of her roommates possible suspects in the murder of Mandy Jenkins, Uncle Zeke is taken off the case to avoid a conflict of interest. Meanwhile, Zoey meets her ‘fan' for the first time without masks. A Voice In The Dark: Get Your Gun #1 is written and illustrated by Larime Taylor.

A Voice In The Dark: Get Your Gun #1 starts off with punch. The tone is set in the first appearance of our protagonist Zoey. She is tied up in a chair with her friend being interrogated by the police for answers of recent murders. Zoey is a very interesting character when we are introduced to her. She seems like a normal girl with goals of finishing school, but has a urge that she can't seem to overcome. She has the urge to kill and now she can't stop doing it. She has already killed three people and now tries to suppress her urge with a radio show. Little does she know that someone has witnessed her crimes and is now stalking her. What are the motives of the stalker? What do they want with Zoey? I won't go into detail here. 

However I will say the story is really well written. The story is told through a series of diary entries from Zoey detailing her emotions, day to day activity, and how she interacts with people. I found this brand of storytelling refreshing and more realistic. Writer Larime Taylor wants you to really see the mind of a serial killer. While Zoey might not be as ruthless as others, it's her calm demeanor that makes her interesting. I want to know what sets her off, what drives her to commit these crimes, and hopefully in later issues it will be revealed. Overall this one story that has me wanting more. The characters are compelling and interesting, Zoey is a great protagonist which makes you wonder how she turned up like that. If you like dark stories with a little touch of first person perspective check this one out.

Final Grade 8.5/10