Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Vol 37 Review

In TMNT issue #37 the heroes on the half shell are not present. Instead the focal point of this issue is on Shredder and Krang. Shredder is on Krang's boat trying to get the general to join his side. Krang feels that he has all the power, all the resources that he doesn't need Shredder at all. I won't get into more details because it travels into spoiler area. I will say that what transpires is pretty epic and shows how much of a bad ass Shredder really is. This issue not only shows Shredder true intentions, but also a makes you actually cheer for him. Even though Shredder's intentions are completely evil, I couldn't help myself cheering for him when Krang was being all arrogant. Yes Shredder is evil, but he is human at the end of the day and you see layers of his loyalty to his foot clan and people who place faith in him.

Overall this issue was very well written. The action was packed with Shredder stealing the scene. Reading this made me respect Shredder and really hate Krang. Even though the turtles weren't in this issue I didn't miss them, and that was thanks to ole Shred Head. The art is great especially the action that takes place on the boat. Facial expressions, movements of the battle made me really wish this was longer. If you're a fan of Shredder this is an issue that you have to check out.

Final Grade: 9.0/10